Welcome to New Hope. We're a voluntary association that  help the homeless through our 'Road to Independence' program .

Our vision is to see long-term sustainable pathways out of homelessness towards healthy independence .

Our mission is to walk a sustainable journey with people from dependency to dignity by being the ‘holding, connecting and empowering organisation’ as people move between various services .

We currently operate out of the St Peters Community Dinners and have been helping people into shelters, rehabilitation, job readiness and health care since 2010. We also provide training & resources for people wanting to help the homeless.


Road To Independence:


The New Hope Board


The New Hope SA board is made up of members that attend the community dinners and govern how funding is spent; how benefactors are chosen; and how training material is created and taught.

We are a registered NPO organisation: 205-687 NPO



Members include: Richard Bolland; Andy Wonnacott; Liz Wonnacott; Michael Atmore; Devlin Quinn; Cam Chaplin; Grant Maxwell; Oliver Slingers & Bradley Latre, Leila Bolland.

Email: info@newhopeSA.org