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Who's responsibility is it to take care of the homeless *
How much of a 'problem' do think homelessness is in Cape Town? *
What do you think are the main reasons people become homeless? *
Personal response to homelessness: *
Personal response to homelessness:
We would like to know your view on homeless as it will help shape our services.
I should have an understanding of the causes and extent of poverty, injustice and division in South Africa.
I should be concerned about people living in poverty and suffering injustices.
I should give of my time and skills to help those living in poverty and suffering injustice.
I should look for opportunities at school / university / work / home to talk about issues relating to poverty and injustice and how we can respond.
I should be friends with someone living in poverty.
I am fully persuaded that responding to poverty and injustice is intrinsic to what it means to be a human.
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