New Hope Snapscan

New Hope SA have created an initiative for people who are wanting to leave streets and be able to contribute to their shelter or rehabilitation fees by receiving donations from the public via SnapScan. 

TEN STEPS: How does it work?

  1. New Hope selects a person from St Peter’s Community Dinners.
  2. Their photo and reason they want to leave the street are recorded. 

  3. A lanyard and 50 flyers are produced which have their own unique SnapScan QR code.

  4. Their photo and online profile act as verification that they are the one’s receiving the funds.

  5. A person wanting to leave the streets can use the lanyard and flyers to receive donations for services they deliver.

  6. New Hope monitors the amount of money received and informs the person on their progress.

  7. When 3 months of shelter fees or 1 month of rehabilitation fees are raised New Hope will release the money to the agreed upon service provider. 

  8. The person will receive free transport and a toiletries pack when they enter the rehabilitation or shelter.

  9. Volunteers will follow up with the people that are placed.

  10. The person’s profile will be removed from the website once they have been successfully placed.


Danwill DONSON

"I really want to get a job and I have to look after two kids. A shelter is really going to help me find a job.

I have health conditions and it’s not good to be on the streets with them."

Danwill QR Code


Recommended donation: R100


John Tafadzwa Chidanire

"I came to South Africa in 2013 to try and find some work. I am living on the streets because the money I get from the odd job goes towards feeding myself. I want to be in a shelter so I can focus on finding a job. A good job will get me off the streets forever. I am hoping that this will show people that I am serious about getting off the streets."

John QR Code


Recommended donation: R100