Homeless Shelters

How to help someone into a shelter:

  1. Ask if they would like to go to shelter. There are a lot of people living on the streets who've had bad experiences and would prefer not to live in a shelter. It's wise to assume that not everybody wants to live in a shelter. 

  2. Find out which shelter they would like to visit. There is a full list of operating shelters at the bottom of this page.

  3. Phone ahead - make sure that there is a person at the shelter than can do an intake. No intake form = no admission.

  4. Organize a time for that person to meet at the shelter - there will be an intake by a social worker - most work between 8am - 12pm.

  5. Visit and phone on a regular basis to see how they are doing and if you can assist further. 


  • They are temporary.

  • They cost money.

  • They have rules.

1.) Intake:

  • Clients are required to be screened by a social worker before they get accepted - it's at the social worker's discretion whether they will be accepted into the shelter.

  • It’s suggested that for best results a client should go to the shelter between Monday and Friday from 9am - 12pm. If the social worker is not present then there can be no intake.

  • One should refer potential clients to the nearest shelter for a screening. From there the person will be referred to the nearest shelter with available beds for an assessment and longer term placement on condition that a Personal Development Plan has been agreed between the client and the Social Worker. No PDP = no hospitality.

2.) Fees:

  • No money is required up front. Up to 30 days free thereafter R12.00 per day or 1 Hour of Household chores per day.

  • On average shelters charge around R360 a month if you are unemployed and R700+ if you are employed or on a social/disability grant.

  • They operate MONTHLY meaning that they do not ask for money each night or even each week. Be aware of people telling you that they need money for a shelter that night. Especially over 6pm as most shelters have a curfew around that time.

3.) What you get:

  • Clients are only allowed to stay for 3 months - maximum 6 months. However, there are some cases where people have lived in a shelter for years.

  • If accepted, they will normally receive a toiletry/sanitary pack, a bed/blanket/pillow, a locker and 2 meals each day (breakfast and dinner).

4.) Curfews:

  • Most shelters are night shelters meaning that all the clients have to leave between 6am -  8am and can return from 4pm - 6pm.

  • 1st and 2nd phase shelters have curfews meaning that you have to make arrangements with the supervisors and staff should you be working late or come back late.

5.) Rules, Duties, Codes & Conduct:

  • Every time a client has an issue or need they have to fill in a client relations form - this will be handed to the supervisor and then to the social worker.

  • 3 strikes and you’re out. Some things that are considered a strike:

    • Missing a night without prior consent.

    • Being intoxicated.

    • Fighting, Verbal Abuse or Deformation.

    • Not doing your chores/responsibilities.

    • Not paying your shelter fees.


"The Haven Shelters offer Social Work Services towards reintegration. We do not provide accommodation. No social work means no hospitality in the Haven. " - Hassan Khan (CEO The Haven Night Shelter Welfare Organisation)

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Shelter Name

Ceres - Haven

Haven - Bellville

Haven - Claremont

Haven - District Six

Haven Old Age Homes

Haven - Kalk Bay

Haven - Kensington

Haven - Kraaifontein

Haven Moira Henderson

Haven - Mosselbay

Haven - Napier Street

Haven -Paarl

Haven - Retreat

Haven - Swartland

Haven - Wynberg

The Ark

Owl Shelter

Happy Valley

Youth Solutions Africa

Somerset West

The Carpenter Shop

Elim Night Shelter

Stellenbosch Night Shelter

Cravenby Care Centre

Pride Shelter

Nuwe Begin Skuiling

George Night Shelter

Oasis "Reach for your Dreams"

Loaves and Fishes

Dust - To- Dawn

Ubuntu Circle of Courage


023 312 1578

021 945 1413

021 671 4209

021 465 1310

021 447 7422

021 788 5820

021 593 0276

021 987 1967

021 461 2533

044 691 0189

021 421 6219

021 862 1812

021 715 0817

022 486 5191

021 762 8243

072 292 4384

021 761 0944

021 786 5087

021 642 8006

021 851 4984

021 461 5508

021 591 2824

021 886 6173

021 933 3477

021 423 2871

023 342 7920

044 873 2787

021 704 6815

021 448 5900

021 931 3622

073 649 1323


1 Owen Street, Ceres

2 South Street, Bellville

5 Fir Street, Claremont, 7780

20 Selkirk Street C/Town 8001

24 Dublin Street, Woodstock

139 Main Road, Kalk Bay, 7975

Cnr. 13th Avenue & Dapper Road, Kensington

20 Van der Ross Street, Kraaifontein

107 Chapel Street, Woodstock

3 Matfield Str, Mosselbay

2 Napier Street, Greenpoint

6 Ambagsvallei Street, Paarl

10th Avenue, Retreat

5 Varing Straat,Wesbank, Malmesbury

16a Piers Road, Wynberg

5 Old National Rd, Faure, Cape Town

9 Polaris Road, Lansdowne

Off Palace Hill Road, Simons Town

Cnr Russell & Chapel Str Zonnebloem

71 Church Street, Somerset West

14a Roeland Street Cape Town

47 Third Avenue, Elsies River

3 Tennant Street, Stellenbosch

12 Cravenby Street, Cravensby Estate Ravensmead

1 Molteno Rd, Oranjezight. Cape Town

Brook street, Riverview. Worcester

123 Memorium Street, George

Oasis Business Park Schaapkraal Rd Phillipi

Chatham Road, Observatory

127 Christian Street Ravensmead

16 Douglas Crescent, Delft