Inner Peace

Fraserberg, Northern Cape

There are 3 types of rehabilitation that we use: Private, Inpatient & Outpatient  treatment centers.

Private - inner peace, Switch Wellness, ucan, boston House

Private treatment facilities usually are able to give a more holistic treatment program incorporating modules like psycho-therapeutic groups, art therapy, self esteem classes, relaxation therapy and more 1 on 1 attention. They have specialized treatments for those with multiple diagnoses and there better communication channels between the institution and the family.

However, they are very expensive and a successful treatment is never guaranteed. They average on about R4000 per month and involve other expenses such as medication, transport and bedding.

They separate treatment into two facilities: primary care and tertiary care. Once an individual has successfully completed their primary care then they graduate into tertiary care where other aspects of recovery can be pursued - such as integration into the labour market and upskilling via short-term courses and training.




Inpatient - Toevlug,Hesketh king & Do Novo

Treatment centres such as Toevlug, Hesketh King and Do Novo focus on the heavier substance abusers such as excessive alcohol, heroin & tik addictions. Inpatient centres require a medical and dental form to be filled in. This form needs to be filled in by a doctor/nurse at a clinic or hospital. It’s up to the client to get this filled and brought back to the person applying for the treatment center. They also need a full admissions form with detailed information on substance abuse and history, personality, family and relationships, financial status and home environment. The treatment period is usually 12 weeks long and requires a 7 day detox before admission. In some cases it's FREE but there is usually a R500 admissions fee as well as other expenses like pocket money and washing.  Please see the application packs below.


Living Grace


outpatient - living grace

The Living Grace recovery program is a 3 phase program that allows clients to begin at any day of the week, by simply walking in and providing outpatient care. The first phase seeks to build relationships and encourages clients to attend support groups. Random drug testing is done to allow clients to prove they want change in their lives. After a period 6 weeks they can advance to Phase 2, which is a structured treatment programme with individual counseling. There are specific topics covered in each phase, and at the end of which includes a graduation ceremony. Phase 3 is an aftercare programme integrating spiritual care from the local community church where possible. Please see the admissions criteria below. 





Toevlug Pack

Hesketh King Treatment Pack

Do Novo Treatment Pack

Ramot Treatment Pack

Out-Patient Info:


Living Grace

phone: +27 (21) 788 9702

171 Main Rd, Muizenberg.

You have to be there before 8AM.


  • Pen
  • Blank A5 booklet
  • Bible

A train ticket from Cape Town to Muizenberg costs: 

Monthly: R164

Weekly: R55

Single: R8.50c

Private TreaTment:

Inner Peace


023 741 1029

Where: Fraserberg, Northern Cape

Cost: R4100 per month

Transport: R485 to Prince Albert & R200 from Prince Albert to Fraserberg.