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September Updates

September has seen a lot of changes in the life of New Hope SA, some very exciting and others sad and difficult to process. As of the first of September we have had our first employee. We hired an Administrator, fully funded by Studio Bolland, to do most of the behind the scenes administration tasks in order to keep New Hope SA running smoothly. It has been a wonderful gift to the board members who were carrying a lot of the administrative tasks, and is now freeing them up to focus more on the relational side of supporting our beneficiaries. Some sad news has come with one our beneficiaries choosing to leave our programme and being suspended from our services. It is always tough to watch as people make decisions which result in them back in the same place as where they started, or so it seems. However we remain hopeful and prayerful that the part that we played in their journey ultimately results in an abundance of fruit, even if we never get to see it ourselves.

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