January Updates


January hit the ground running as we spent most of the month catching up with our beneficiaries and planning for the next couple of months. The festive season is not always an easy time for our beneficiaries, so we were very pleased when all of them made it through December and had remained strong in their recovery. We can’t however say the same for January, as we have had a few relapses and walkouts. There were a number of shifts from primary rehab to tertiary early in the month which had us readjusting as well as being able to connect more with those who had moved back to Cape Town. We have also had a number of exciting things happen over the month that we will share with you in the newsletter.

New Hope on the Afternoon Express Show

Richard, one of our board members, had the privileged of being invited onto the Afternoon Express show with Danny Diliberto from Ladles of Love to talk about Homelessness and what New Hope is doing to assist the homeless in Cape Town. You can watch the interview bellow:

Watch the interview on the Afternoon Express Show here:

Community Dinners

On the first Thursday in February we started up our Community Dinners at St Peter's church in Mowbray again. We enjoyed a delicious meal together and it was wonderful to catch up with our friends in the community after the long break. Community Dinners is a space for anyone to sit and enjoy a meal together. Please feel free to join us any Thursday from 6pm, and you can let us know you are coming by signing up on our website.

Join a Community Dinner


Michael was at TWC in Eindekuil throughout the festive season and then transferred to Boston House, their tertiary home in the first week of January. Within days he left Boston House and was not contactable. However he was tracked down and has subsequently returned to Boston House and is currently doing well. Towards the end of last year he was quite upset that his SASSA pension had failed to be approved and this was his reason for leaving Boston House, in order to sort out his SASSA. We assured him that we would have been able to assist him and that he did not need to leave Boston in order to sort out his SASSA Pension. We trust and hope that now that he has returned to Boston he will again be able to find stability within their program.

Roger was transferred to Barrington House from Inner Peace in Fraserberg at the beginning of January. It has been wonderful to have him back in Cape Town and we have been able to have more regular contact in the month of January. He is an experienced carpenter and has many years of experience in restoring old furniture. Despite his age he wishes to continue working in his trade for the foreseeable future. He is currently looking for work opportunities as he seeks to again enter the job market.

Walter along with Roger was transferred to Barrington House at the beginning of January. He is an experienced car mechanic and also wishes to again work in his trade. He is also currently searching for job opportunities as he continues to work on his recovery. We are trusting that both he and Roger are able to find meaningful work soon. 

Mary saw in the new year at TWC in Eindekuil and will remain there for the next couple of months. She has settled in very well into their program and we have only received good reports on her recovery. We have been able to speak to her over the phone a few times and she reports that she is feeling strong in her recovery. She has also asked about how her baby is doing which we have been able to inform her that the baby is safe and healthy. In the middle of the month we got some devastating news that the girls house at TWC, where Mary was staying, had burnt down. Fortunately no one was hurt but all of her possessions were lost in the fire.  We put out a call for donations of clothes, bedding and toiletries for the girls who were effected, and we have received such amazing support for TWC. We have also received reports from TWC  on how they have been so blessed with an abundance of donations for the girls and the house. They are truly grateful to everyone who has supported them through this time, which has made them realize that they have an amazing community surrounding them and encouraging them in the work that they are doing. We are so pleased with the way that Mary has fought for her recovery amidst the chaos and devastation of the fire  and is pursuing it in order to be a good mother to her child.

Hlubi was at Freeway ministries through the festive season, however he was struggling quite a lot. We were able to keep in contact with him quite well and talk through a lot of his concerns and struggles over the holidays. When January came and he was still struggling, he decided to leave. We didn’t have contact with him for about a week, but knew that he had unfortunately returned to the street. He made contact with us in the middle of January asking to return to the program as he had made a great mistake by leaving. We were able to get him into Inner Peace in Fraserberg and within a few days he was on the bus heading to the Karoo. We have concerns for his recovery as he has been living on the street and using for about 20 years. Which means recovery is a tough journey for him. However we still remain hopeful and trust that God will do a restoring and redemptive work in his life.

Daniel has remained on a positive road forward over the last two months and has been able to secure a number of small jobs doing tiling. He has just secured a contract for the next month if not longer, which we are very pleased about. Managing finances and a tight budget remains a struggle for Daniel as there are many expenses that need to be paid. He again has contact with his two children, which is such a joy to him, but does come with financial obligations. We can see that within the next few month we will be able to start withdrawing our funding as Daniel will be able to stand on his own, but navigating this new territory and making the adjustment will be tough.

Peter completed the Job Readiness course at the Zanokhanyo Network at the end of last year and has just begun the computer course that they offer all their Job Readiness graduates. He continues to look for work, and remains hopeful and confident that he will soon find the right position for him.

*Names have been changed for anonymity

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We are so looking forward to all that 2019 will hold for New Hope and our beneficiaries. We have been dreaming and praying about the new things we feel God calling us to this year and we can not wait to share them with you in time. God has been so kind in seeing that we have the funding that we need to support our beneficiaries, and we know that he will continue to remain faithful throughout 2019.

New Hope SA