July Updates

July Updates

Building networks and developing relationships

If you haven’t realized it by now, journeying with our friends who are struggling against substance abuse and working towards independence is a rollercoaster of emotions, with small steps of progress often being succeeded by significant setbacks in their journeys. We are grateful for the broad (and ever-expanding) network of partners who we work with;
they serve not only as partners but also as a great encouragement.

The kind people from Ladles of Love have committed to sponsoring fresh vegetables to the Inner Peace house on a weekly basis which will help subsidise the food costs of the house. This will be a fantastic way to ensure that the beneficiaries in the house receive a healthy amount of nutritious vegetables and food.


The launch of the Safe Space under the Culemborg Bridge is a great step taken by the city.
It's a very promising space which looks to host people who don't fit into the shelter system -
or at least act as a halfway point between the street and a shelter. There is no formal
structure but it has an array of aluminium overhangs with waterproof shade-cloth covering
the pallet bases that make up the bed space. There are showers, ablutions and a disabled
toilet available for those living in the space. Everybody gets a locker (about a cubic meter)
where they can keep their belongings. The most promising aspect of the space is the social
services and Matrix Rehabilitation that will be available for people during the day. Whilst we believe that the city
may be over-estimating the number of people that the space could carry, we trust that they
will make any necessary adjustments as the space is used.

Soul Donations are assisting us in sourcing donations for Inner Peace secondary home in
Observatory. They will be focusing on kitchen equipment and toiletries which will help
subsidise the financial need of running that house. This in turn will help reduce the costs of
getting our beneficiaries into the Inner Peace program and allow us to include more people
into our program.


We were also recently contacted by the University of the Western Cape. They are looking
to send some of their social work students to aide New Hope SA in our mission. We are
excited about this prospect and look forward, keenly, to what will come of it.

New Hope Beneficiaries

Rudolph is currently at Inner Peace, in Observatory. He has expressed a desire to move to uCan next month for secondary care, rather than Inner Peace as he feels that it is familiar territory for him and that he may be tempted to use again. Whilst we do our best to journey with Rudolph and encourage autonomy in his decision-making as he continues on the road to independence, we believe that staying in Observatory for the moment will serve him best. He will remain there for the time being.

Following Chris’ relapse in June, we have received word from Inner Peace that he is
displaying severe behavioural problems. He threatened the safety of their staff, refused to
cooperate with them and displayed a gang-like mentality. He decided, on his own accord, to
walk out of treatment. Unfortunately this is Chris’ third strike and we will have to terminate
our services to him for 6 months.

In June Zeke was moved to Together We Can. We are pleased to share that he has settled in
well and is sharing a lot. He seems to be enjoying the more structured schedule and he has
not mentioned wanting to leave. We are pleased that Zeke is doing well and will continue to
walk along-side him.

After showing such enthusiasm and excitement to be admitted to Inner Peace, Jason has
walked out of treatment. Richard had gone to visit Jason and talk him out of leaving but
unfortunately he still decided to leave. Jason has said that he will be staying with a friend.
Whilst we wish him the best on his road to recovery, we believe that his best chances of
rehabilitation were to stay at Inner Peace. Jason has chosen to opt out of the Road to

Mark, from Switch Wellness, picked up Martin, took him for lunch and dropped him at the
station to head to Inner Peace. Martin never arrived at Inner Peace and after engaging with
his mother and Mark, it seems that Martin did not desire to be in rehabilitation. We are yet
to hear anything from Martin but we continue to pray for him and his safety.

A previous beneficiary has gone through 4 weeks of detox at Stikland hospital and is now
back on the Road to Independence program. He is currently at Inner Peace Primary in
Fraserberg where he will continue with his recovery.

Walter stayed in the Inner Peace Observatory house for a couple of days until there was a
lift for him to go up to Inner Peace Primary in Fraserberg. Walter is doing well and has
immediately showed great promise in managing his substance use disorder. He has been
paired with his friend Walter. Michael is also staying in the same building so they are
connecting well and sharing in the experience together. It took Walter an incredible amount
of courage to come forth and accept recovery so we are very proud of him.

A friend of ours who we journeyed with was living independently in Klapmuts (near Paarl)
when his landlord increased his rent drastically and failed to deliver on some other promises
too. Bill is unfortunately sleeping outside again, but we pray and trust that he will be able to
find accommodation soon. When he does, we will make ourselves available to help move
his possessions to his new residence.

Closing thoughts

While we are excited and grateful for our many partners, our greatest and most beneficial
partnership is that which we share with God. His unwarranted favour and mercy for us is
what continually motivates us. When things are overwhelming, we take comfort in the fact
that we serve a God whose majesty exceeds any circumstance and whose wisdom is

“The pillars of heaven tremble
and are astounded at his rebuke.
By his power he stilled the sea;
by his understanding he shattered Rahab.
By his wind the heavens were made fair;
his hand pierced the fleeing serpent.
Behold, these are but the outskirts of his ways,
and how small a whisper do we hear of him!
But the thunder of his power who can understand?” – Job 26:11-14

*Aliases have been provided in some cases to protect the anonymity of people