August Updates


First up, we have an exciting new video launching in the next couple of weeks on 'How Shelters Work' which we'll be sharing soon. Watch this space. 

Prayers have been answered as we have managed to secure sufficient funds to see us through to the end of the year thanks to you, our supporters! One of our board members, Richard, posted his thoughts on the last couple of months: 

"This year has been hectic for New Hope SA. We've felt the immense weight of walking a road with men looking to move away from homelessness and into an independent life. For many it starts with overcoming a substance-use-disorder from heroin, tik, alcohol etc..but once that's accomplished it's an even harder step to overcome the trauma that is experienced from living on the street. We've mourned the death of a friend living on the street (the 3rd homeless person I know who's passed away living on the street/shelter). We've had someone in our program attempt to commit suicide as they did not want to go back to the streets. We've had relapses that were illogical and made no sense and we've had people move back to the street after being independent. Sometimes it honestly feels we take 1 step forward and 2 steps back.
Yet there are moments where it feels like it's all worth it. We've received letters from people in recovery thanking us for giving them another chance at life. We've had people overcome addictions that were ongoing for 15 years. We've seen aggression turn into humility. We've seen people stop viewing themselves as addicts and start viewing themselves as human again. We've had organisations and individuals give selflessly to improving shelters and rehabilitations.
We currently support 8 people (6 at in-patient facilities & 2 in shelters). We have many many more on the list waiting to get their chance. So far in 2018 we've helped 22 people in various capacities."

New Hope Beneficiaries



Bill was renting in a place in Klapmuts but was forced to move back onto the streets due to illegal activity from his landlord. Luckily this was only a short time as he found new accommodation in Diep River. With the help of some volunteers he was able to move his stuff into his new place and he is now off the streets and independent.


Rudolf is now at Inner Peace's secondary rehabilitation home in Observatory, having spent three months in primary rehab care at Inner Peace in Fraserburg - longer then initially anticipated, but on the advise from Johann, Inner Peace's Councillor, Rudolf needed specific counselling to help him overcoming the habits and learnt patterns of addictive behaviours. This more patience approach is working well for him and his overwhelmingly positive and upbeat personality is showing through again. We hope to have him back into his Welding Course as soon as possible



Walter has been making incredible progress in his recovery and we are so humbled to have received this letter from him. Despite all the shortcomings we experience it's these letters that make our job worth it. We are super proud of him and can't wait to see him take further steps towards independence. 


After a bumpy start at the Eendekuil Rehabilitation Centre run by TWC, Zeke settled into the programme of treatment for his psychosis and drug addition as well as a gambling addition. This was as reported to us by his Councillor at TWC (external communication is restricted in the first 2 months) but as he moved into his third month he started disagreeing with way the programme was being run and eventually asked to be transferred back to Inner Peace. 

His move to Inner Peace in Fraserburg lasted less then a month, after which he showed the same signs of of disagreement and a lack of a desire for rehabilitation. Having broken a number of house rules, Zeke was unfortunately let go from Inner Peace. Our wish was that he would come to understand of the reality of his addictions, but his was not to be the time when that happened.


Peter continues to be sober after more than a year. He is presently at Youth Solutions in Zonnebloem as he continues his job search. He is in good spirits and looking forward to an opportunity. He has also begun mentoring a young man who has come out of private rehab and is involved in a local church.



Michael has made impressive progress in his recovery - after admitting himself into Stikland Hospital we transferred him to Inner Peace Fraserberg on completion and after a few months he graduated and moved into Inner Peace Obs to continue his secondary recovery. He will be doing The Zanokhanyo Network Course in September and is hoping to get back into the open labour market by the end of the year. 



It is a bitter sweet moment for Chuma as we bid him farewell as he travels back to his home town in Malawi. Chuma has been off the streets and living at he Wynberg Haven whilst working as a bead artist. He has also been a committed member of a Life Group at Common Ground church in Rondebosch and his friends are very sad to see him go but are excited for his continued journey towards independence when he arrives home. 

Other News:

New email address

We are very excited to launch a new email address! Anyone wanting to contact New Hope SA can do so on


The weight of financial strain can be massive on our beneficiaries as the continue their road to independence. As an organisation we felt a similar weight and decided to reach out within our networks until the end of the year. In one month we had twenty three people commit to monthly donations which will see our present beneficiaries through to the end of year!

We have also set up Back A Buddy page to source some temporary crowd funding. If you are interested please click here to donate

 *Aliases have been provided in some cases to protect the anonymity of people 

Thank you on behalf of the New Hope Board.