May Updates


As we progressed through the month of May, so too did the journey continue alongside our beneficiaries. At times it can seem like taking 2 steps forward and one (or two!) steps back, yet providing a stable, consistent, and healthily boundaried relationship is what we hope is an anchor for them as they move towards recovery. It is also a journey of being humbled, taught and growing for the New Hope members as we learn what it is to be in community together. May has continued to see a large increase in the numbers attending Thursday evening community dinners and we have had to close the doors and turn people away on a number of evenings. We supplied each guest with a UTurn voucher, which was received with enthusiasm, and enables the holder to get food or clothes at the organisation.

A new secondary home opened up in Observatory, DYDI, which we have connected with and hope to form a working relationship with going forward. We have also learnt the Inner Peace will be taking over the old Beth Rapha house as a place of operations for secondary rehabilitation . This is exciting news and we hope to learn from them and avail of them having a base in Observatory.


New Hope Beneficiaries


Rudolph is due to complete his in service training at a welding company, as part of his training at SWIFT. After that, he will return to SWIFT. That date is unclear at the moment and in the meantime he continues to stay with his sister and brother in law. He is on a shortlist to return to UCan (a secondary rehabilitation  in Bellville) where he previously has stayed and enjoyed. This transition period may give rise to challenges due to time, and availability of spaces.


Chris was discharged from Toevlug (an Alcohol and Drug Dependence Centre in Worcester) after successfully completing his rehabilitation and has been accepted into Loaves and Fishes (a secondary shelter). A special thank you to The Carpenter Shop who accommodated him while we were waiting for space to open up at Loaves.  We have set up a new system of a 'PnP share card' with Chris to buy his food while he was at The Carpenter Shop, as this is a self-catering 2nd phase shelter. . Money is uploaded to the card and Chris can use the card as an informal debit card. This seems a wise approach as it mitigates the chances of selling off extra vouchers or having to deliver food/vouchers every week or having cash in hand, which can be a dangerous trigger in the early stages of recovery. We may look at rolling this out to other beneficiaries as the need arises.


Carlos has been clean for 10 months, and we are excited to be supporting him in his journey towards holistic living. We are currently supporting him with his shelter fees whilst he is staying at Youth Solutions (a shelter in Zonnebloem). Carlos has been staying there since June and it appears to be a good fit. He is keeping motivated whilst looking for work and he is also actively involved in his church community. We’ll continue to support him and pray he finds work. He is studying CNC programming (digital machining/tooling) incorporating Solidworks-automated design software so please get in touch if you learn of any work opportunities.


Zeke is our newest beneficiary, and has been coming to Community Dinners regularly. Zeke is currently living on the streets in Observatory, and we have learnt that he has a gambling addiction. Inner Peace have done an initial assessment with him, and we are currently waiting for an action plan and report on how best to proceed. Most likely he will spend time in primary care at Inner Peace in Fraserberg.


Jonathan remains on his 6 month suspension, after having made a number of choices which we felt were not reflecting an attitude of commitment to real change. We continue to meet with Jonathon at our Thursday evening community dinners, and pray for him on his journey towards recovery.


Alfred is also on his 6 month suspension and we hope he will use the time to recommit to his journey towards rehabilitation.


We have been unable to make contact with Godfrey – he dropped out of the Living Grace out patient course, and we haven’t heard from him since. We are trusting he will get in touch when he is ready to move forward on his rehabilitation.


Chuma is a Malawian refugee who would like to return home. Chuma is currently staying at Wynberg shelter, and we are engaging with Scalabrini centre to assist him with this process.