April Updates



Every Thursday night, we meet and share a meal with the community of Mowbray at St. Peters Church. This year, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of attendees at the dinners. Whether this a result of increase social pressures on the vulnerable in the area, or a consequence of changes we’re making to the Dinners, is not yet clear. These changes include selecting an earlier opening time for the evening. This has been an effort to maximize the potential for relationships to be built between all those attending. So far, we’ve certainly seen the benefits of this time in bringing people closer together for longer. Meeting our secondary goal of satisfying the food needs of such a large group of guests has been a challenge. We continue to trust in God, who provides enough food, without fail, and enough hands to serve.

Maintaining our characteristic sit-down-dinner approach is very important to us. Understanding the causes of the influx of people will be critical to navigating the road ahead. We’ve increased our efforts to connect dinner guests with accommodation, employment and training opportunities. Our Opportunities Noticeboard has been well-received and is helping people to access services that lead them away from the street.

Banking Change:

We’d like to inform all our donors that we have changed our banking details to the following:

Name: New Hope SA NPO 205-687
Bank: Nedbank
Account number: 1165070863
Branch: 10480900
Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ

If you are giving via Debit Order please would you update it to the new details.  We are so grateful to have amazing donors who give monthly to us so that we can serve the homeless in the way that we do.





We are overjoyed to share that Bill is now living independently! A few of us took a drive out out to his new place in Klapmuts to take him a few helpful items for his new home, including a bed, a mattress and a bed-side table. It was great to see both his new home and his excitement to be living independently. The New Hope team is incredibly proud of Bill - as he is the first person who has gone from the streets to full independence through our program. We will continue to hold a relationship with Bill and encourage him on his journey. You can read about his full journey here.


Rudolph was due to finish current welding training toward the end of this month, but missed a few days of the module which shifted his start date out a bit. As of the 26th of April, Rudolph had not returned to his accomodation for over 4 days. Although absent at his accomodation, we found that he had still been attending work during this period. After a few days of concern, we found out from his sister that he was staying at a friends house. We took him to DYDI - a new secondary home in Observatory. He claims that he has remained clean over the past while but will undergo a drug test while he’s at DYDI.  We continue to pray for and support Rudolph through this time.


In a strange turn of events, Toevlug (an Alcohol and Drug Dependence Centre in Worcester) accepted Chris halfway through April. As a result, we’ve temporarily taken him out of Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre (CTDCC) so that he can go attend his inpatient course at Toevlug. Chris will continue with his out-patient CTDCC course when he graduates from Toevlug on the 11th of May. He will be staying in Bellville Haven Night Shelter while doing his out-patient. Once that is completed, the plan is to enroll Chris at The Zanokhanyo Network for a job readiness course - which we hope will better equip and encourage him in finding a job.


Jonathan was at Together We Can (TWC) when they realised that he had contracted an illness. The staff at TWC took him through to a hospital. He requested that all of his items come with him to hospital which TWC denied. Unfortunately, Jonathan had disappeared when they went to pick him up from the hospital. We subsequently learned that he hitchhiked back to Cape Town and ended up in a local hospital. We acknowledge that this was a very similar situation to what happened whilst he was at Switch where he left without communication with either New Hope or TWC. This is Jonathan’s 3rd strike and as a result, we have suspended our services to him for 6 months ending onk the 19th of October. We are saddened that he's failed to grab hold of this opportunity yet again. We will offer our services to Jonathan after the 6 month suspension period. We will continue to pray for Jonathan in his journey of recovery.


After seeking accommodation for Alfred in Cape Town after his stay at Inner Peace, we directed Alfred toward Elim, a night shelter based in Elsies River. Alfred defaulted on this accomodation shortly after he first arrived. However, soon afterward, we managed to get him into Kensington Haven in Maitland. His move to Kensington was a hopeful one after two previous times of non-compliance. Unfortunately, Alfred left Kensington Night Shelter soon after he arrived as he was unwilling to register at CTDCC due to outstanding warrants against his name and feared of a background check. He appears unwilling to give out his personal details to any organisation which is also likely the reason he left the shelter he was previously rejected our offer of his stay in the shelter in Elsies River.  As a result of his third act of non-compliance, we have suspended our services to Alfred for 6 months. We will continue to pray for Alfred.


Godfrey was staying at the Wynberg Haven while he was attending his out-patient course at Living Grace. We provided Godfrey a monthly train ticket so that he can get to the course and back daily. Toward the end of the month, Godfrey dropped out of his out-patient course and we haven’t be able to confirm whether he has also left Wynberg shelter. We are trusting and praying that Godfrey will accept the opportunities that are offered to him over the next while.


Chuma found out about New Hope through one of our current beneficiaries. He is a Zimbabwean Refugee wanting to get back home. We have advised him that he needs to get his travel documents together before we can assist further. We hope to help him out with a bus ticket home. We required him to obtain travelling documents from the refugee centre but has been unable to secure those at this point and has not returned to New Hope.

*Names changed for the sake of anonymity.