February Updates


Community Dinners:

In our January updates we mentioned that we were making a change to our starting time of Community dinners- shifting it from 18:30 to 18:00  in an attempt to bridge the gap between those who waited outside and those who were volunteering inside. This change of time has allowed time for card games and even colouring in. We are busy testing the waters and figuring out how best to meet as a team beforehand while dismantling the gap.

We have also noticed that Thursday Night Community Dinners are gaining in popularity which is a great however it means we are needing to turn some people away as we reach full capacity quite quickly.


New Hope People:


During the month of February Jonathan made big strides towards independence by securing a job at Taxify. This resulted in Jonathan leaving Switch Wellness due to transport costs being too high from the commute to Bellville to Town.

Jonathan’s job at Taxify has come to a halt as he needed police clearance but unfortunately he had a misdemeanor which resulted in them having to terminate his employment

Jonathan has been staying in backpackers for the time being but with his money running out he is urgently seeking accommodation at one of our partner organisations. He is currently on the waiting list.  

In retrospect We feel Jonathan needed  to slow down his pace and focus more on his recovery rather than his financial independence. This will be easier to do once in a secondary rehabilitation.


Alfred asked if he can move from Switch Wellness to another secondary rehabilitation closer to work (Greenpoint & Hout Bay, typically). During the interim, Alfred relapsed and so we sent him back to Inner peace for a month’s recovery. Alfred is quite clear that he has made a big mistake and recognises that he's got to go slower to protect his progress so far. He'll likely get back on to methadone and not rush the process with this and other medications going forward. Alfred had a lot of chances to forgo his recovery journey but he has really stayed on course, despite his recent relapse and his time on the street. Alfred has got a strong commitment to his recovery , and will focus on  doing things slow and well in the future. We will to be ready to receive him in four weeks' time. Alfred should find it easy to get work but won't have a place to stay immediately. He will likely need one or two weeks in temporary accommodation, followed by a move to one of our partner organisations.


Inner Peace has informed us that John is doing well and has settled in. It is still early days in his recovery but so far so good.


Rudolf has a great start to the year, enjoying his studies as well as settling nicely into Switch Wellness. Rudolf requested that he moved to stay at his sister’s place in Mitchells Plain as it is closer to his 10-week learnership programme. New Hope is sponsoring Rudolf’s sister to accommodate him for this period.  We believe that family reunification is a positive step and Rudolf has shown great maturity in repairing his relationships with his family.


Robert was successfully transferred to Loaves and Fishes and had a great interview with uTurn which resulted in him joining their Life Change program for the next 12 months. He is an integral part of the uTurn programs and receives a small stipend each month which he can use to purchase things for himself and his independence. uTurn have also taken over full financial support of Robert so he’ll be off our books from March.  


Neil is a regular at Community Dinners is a self-sufficient man living at Haven Homes in Woodstock. He has been a great asset to the New Hope team as he has been helping people living on the streets get their Identification Documents. New Hope is sponsoring Neil the money to purchase the Identification Documents. Neil signs a New Hope receipt form and brings us the slips as accountability.


Bill has been granted a SASSA disability grant for an injured back and has been searching for a low-cost room to rent as his time at Loaves and Fishes is coming to an end. We are trying to assist him in his search but it is quite a challenge to find a suitable place for him. His grant collects R1600 a month and he will have to live completely independently on this. We have gifted Bill with a cellphone so that he can leave his number with people and make it easier for him to be contacted.  


Raymond approached us many times over the course of 2 months but because we were at capacity in our program and we were heading into the seasonal break over Christmas there was little that we could do. Eventually we had a break and were able to get Raymond into Freeway Ministry Discipleship house in Retreat which is run by Gregory Craig (ex-Beth Rapha). As of the 1st of March we would have been there for 1 week and we will be checking on his progress and assisting with his recovery.


We were able to attend Ferdinando's Pasta Kitchen at St Michaels in Observatory! It's awesome to see similar community dinners running. 


Kimon welcoming everyone


Ferdinando's Pasta Kitchen

At St Michaels in Obs


February has been quite a challenging month for a few of our New Hope Board Members who have been journeying with our New Hope People, however it has taught us valuable lessons to shift the emphasis from independence to recovery. We had our first official board meeting on the 4th of February which covered various aspects of New Hope SA and how we can better serve our beneficiaries and our partner organisations.

The recent strengthening of the rand has seen our funding from overseas to decrease somewhat so we are looking at other ways to secure more funding.

Upcoming New Hope Events:

14th March - Care Cruisers: Bridging the Gaps in Cape Town’s Streets - click here to find out more.


27th March - Rondebosch Boys Junior School: Sharing New Hope SA’s story.

20th June - Women's Auxiliary Meeting at Pinelands Methodist: Sharing New Hope SA’s story.

TBC - Common Good Podcast: Sharing New Hope SA’s story.