September Updates


September has seen a lot of changes in the life of New Hope SA, some very exciting and others sad and difficult to process. As of the first of September we have had our first employee. We hired an Administrator, fully funded by Studio Bolland, to do most of the behind the scenes administration tasks in order to keep New Hope SA running smoothly. It has been a wonderful gift to the board members who were carrying a lot of the administrative tasks, and is now freeing them up to focus more on the relational side of supporting our beneficiaries. Some sad news has come with one our beneficiaries choosing to leave our programme and being suspended from our services. It is always tough to watch as people make decisions which result in them back in the same place as where they started, or so it seems. However we remain hopeful and prayerful that the part that we played in their journey ultimately results in an abundance of fruit, even if we never get to see it ourselves.


Bible Study

Richard (New Hope SA board member) along with Liesl Stewart (from St Peter’s Church) began running a once a month bible study in March this year. The invite to attend went out to the St Peter’s Community Dinners. Over the last two months they have moved towards meeting every week on a Saturday morning due to popular demand. Many of our beneficiaries and those who have been a part of our programme over the last two years have been attending regularly. It has been so wonderful to journey with them through scripture on a regularly basis, and we look forward to seeing what fruit may come from it.



Over the past two months we have found ourselves being so grateful to those who financially support the work that we are doing.We are confident that we will be able to support our beneficiaries until the end of the year.

We also had the privilege of partnering with Soul Donations, an NPC who gather donations for various projects and organizations where there is a need. Soul Donations were able kit out the whole of the Inner Peace Barrington House’s (another one our partners) kitchen with cutlery, crockery, appliances and other necessities. We have been so amazed and humbled by the support coming from within our community and networks, for the Barrington House Secondary home.



We have walked a long journey with Rudolph where he has been a part of our programme for almost 2 years. There have been many ups and downs in his recovery, but we have seen him come so far and even complete the first stage of a welding course. Unfortunately Rudolph relapsed in the month of September and it was only when he received a spot drug test at the Barrington House that he was found out. Rudolph was given a number of choices as to the road forward, as Barrington House has a no tolerance policy for relapse. He ended up choosing to leave the house and return to the streets, and no longer seeks recovery. This came as very sad news to us, however we are still walking a journey with him even though he is no longer a part of our programme or receiving any sponsorship. He has been attending St Peter’s Community Dinners and bible study on a weekly basis. We are hopeful that his heart will be changed and he will in time seek recovery.


When Rudolph relapsed and left Barrington House it was a big knock for Michael as they were good friends. Michael felt quite alone and ended up leaving the house and relapsing too. However he made contact with Richard and expressed remorse for what he had done and that he still desired recovery. Michael was unable to return to the Barrington House, so we made contact with TWC and he was admitted there. He is currently doing very well and we are very proud of the way that he handled his relapse in coming forward and admitting that he had fallen. He also celebrates his 60th birthday this month! 


Chris has been progressing well in his recovery while at Inner Peace in Fraserburg. However Inner Peace felt that a slightly different approach to recovery would serve Chris more. So in the month of September he was transferred to TWC (Together We Can) in Eendekuil. There is currently uncertainty about his future at TWC but we are awaiting some feedback soon.

Roger* & Walter*

Both Roger and Walter are currently at Inner Peace in Fraserburg. We have had very good reports regarding their progress and we remain hopeful that they continue to go from strength to strength.


Daniel is a new beneficiary to New Hope, however he has been on our waiting list for a few months. When Barrington House first opened Daniel volunteered to do a lot of the maintenance on the house that was needed at the time. When he expressed his desire to move off the street and go into recovery, Inner Peace agreed that they would sponsor him at Inner Peace Fraserburg as we did not have the capacity at the time. We made the agreement that when we could we would take over his sponsorship. In the month of September Daniel expressed his desire to move on from primary and Inner Peace agreed that it would be a good next step for him. He was transferred to the Carpenter’s Shop in Cape Town where we as New Hope SA have taken over his sponsorship. He is excited for this new step in his journey. We will be looking at how we can support him in taking courses to upskill him in his trade to aid him in finding employment over the next few months.

*Names changed for anonymity 

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. - Hebrews 11:1

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