Updates: August

Hello everyone! 

We have some really great exciting news to share as well as some sad news.

Community Dinners:

We're currently on a break for 2 weeks and will be meeting back on the 7th of September, 6pm at St Peters. 


The Snapscan initiative is going well. John has successfully raised funds for one month shelter fees and is scheduled to move into the Haven Shelter as soon as he’s available. Martin has found alternative accommodation and thus exited the snapscan programme - We were able to supply him with R590 worth of Broccoli Project Vouchers so he can buy food and blankets. 


New Hope Stories:

 Have you listened to our New Hope stories? We sat down with 3 ex-homeless friends in June and interviewed them to find out about what life is like on the street. You can listen/ watch the vodcast here:  https://www.newhopesa.org/news/2017/5/29/new-hope-stories-episode-01 (13 minutes)

Beth Rapha:

On the 1st of August, Beth Rapha officially become part of uTurn. This is an arrangement that will allow for the patients at the centre to receive input by specialists & professionals on an ongoing basis. The board at uTurn and Beth Rapha hope that this will greatly improve their ability to achieve more of a lasting impact in helping individuals break free from Drug and Alcohol addiction.


  • Rudolph*: Rudolph is progressing very well. He is currently raising funds to enroll in a welding course.
  • Mike*: We were able to help him be placed in Happy Valley Homes in Simonstown. He potentially will also join our snapscan initiative to further raise money for his shelter fees.
  • Greg*: We have been working with the Claremont Night Shelter to assist Greg with money for an ID card that will hopefully enable him to apply for his SASSA pension.
  • Damien*: We're coming to the end of our financial agreement with Damien. He is a bit apprehensive about the future, but we've paid for 3 months shelter fees, transport and 2 courses (job readiness and hospitality course) at The Zanokhanyo Network to help him move forward. He is scheduled for an interview with Lise at uTurn, to discuss possible work opportunities.
  • David*:  David has contacted us to be placed back into rehab. Inner Peace has arranged an interview with him to find out his motivation on why he wants to go back to rehab. We will hopefully assist him with his placement back there. 
  • Lyle:  Sad news concerning Lyle. He had relapsed on the 14th of July (Tik) and had to go back to inpatient rehab at Inner Peace. He was discharge from Inner Peace and was staying with his mother in Woodstock whilst waiting to get admitted into a shelter. He was doing very well as he was working two jobs, one in commercial cleaning and another as a part time catering assistant. Unfortunately, he has disappeared after he had a fall out with his mother. He unfortunately missed his interview at Loaves and Fishes and his whereabouts are unknown at this stage. let’s keep him in our prayers.
  • Jonathan*:  Update from Mike Atmore:

My journey with a heroin addict

Jonathan came to us in need of help after a long ongoing addiction to heroin for 20 years. The last couple of years has seen him lose his job, his home and his contact with his loved ones. After living on the streets for some time, the realisation of how desperate his situation had become dawned on him. 

This is where mine and Jonathan ’s paths met. 

I was tasked with walking with Jonathan  through the process of getting into rehabilitation. Jonathan  had been to rehab centres prior to this but never by his own will – someone was always dragging him there. This time the decision was his own. After getting the necessary paper work done and contacting the right people, myself and Jonathan  headed out to Stikland Hospital where he would be admitted for a 6 day detox period. We were both anxious as we arrived on a wet morning. 

Upon arrival we were told that due to a simple miscommunication (not on our part) Jonathan  was not on record to be admitted to Stikland that day and I would have to bring him back the following week. This of course would mean that I would be sending Jonathan  back to the streets – something I just couldn’t bring myself to telling him. After I gathered my nerve I headed over to Jonathan  to tell him the bad news, but the Lord was on our side and count our lucky stars there was a cancellation. Jonathan was ready to fill the spot.

Fast track a week later and I was on my way again to fetch Jonathan  from Stikland and send him on a bus to Inner Peace where he will spend 4 – 6 months in recovery. The nurses informed me that he was well behaved and Jonathan looked optimistic as we said our bitter/sweet goodbyes at the bus station.

I have learnt a lot from my short time journeying with Jonathan . I’ve been reminded that drugs are real and are not just used in Hollywood pictures such as Breaking Bad. Drugs can turn a person’s life upside down and no matter how much you think you are in control of your addiction – you will always be a slave to it and never its master. I know that if I ever suffered from a drug addiction I would have a support network to be there for me but the reality that I am reminded of is that there are thousands who have no support networks and those are the ones who need our help.