Updates: July

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late post - I was up in the Eastern Cape on a community outreach mission trip.

We have some really great exciting news to share as well as some sad news.

Snapscan: We launched our snapscan initiative with the 3 guys pictured above. This is very much a trial period for us to work out what is working and what isn't. 18 days ago we launched it and the guys have collectively raised R770 (Martin - R290; John - R280; Danwill - R200) We've also received some EFT's dedicated to the guys so we will add that to their totals. Our first big realization is that we need a lot more flyers. 50 flyers is simply not enough. Anybody have any printing contacts? Our hope of raising R1080 in 1 month is a bit off the mark so we need to assess how to improve this. https://www.newhopesa.org/snapscan/

New Hope Stories: Last month I sat down with 3 ex-homeless friends and interviewed them to find out about what life is like on the street. You can listen/watch the vodcast here: https://www.newhopesa.org/news/2017/5/29/new-hope-stories-episode-01 (13 minutes)

Homelessness Insights Evening: This went very well! We had a packed, sold out venue of over 200 people. It was very well received and we saw a massive increase in the St Peters Community Volunteers as a result.

Beth Rapha: Bitter Sweet News is that Beth Rapha is closing down. However, uTurn are taking over the running of the house. They unfortunately are asking the tertiary graduates to leave so they can focus on primary which means Lyle will have to find a new place. You can read Lyles updates below.

New Hope People:

  • Rudolph*:  I havn't touched base with Rudolph this month yet. Which means that everything is going well. He is contributing well to uCan and enjoying the program that they offer.

  • Lyle:  He has his interview with Loaves and Fishes today as a result of needing to leave Beth Rapha (read above). He is still working well and getting paid a decent salary. He will be contributing to his fees quite significantly which is a great step to independence. He is also volunteering at St Peters Community Dinners each week :)

  • Michael: Very sad news about Michael. He was transferred from Inner Peace to Boston House because he had some medical issues that Inner Peace couldn't cater for. 1 day after his transfer he left and relapsed. We met up with him and he said that he wanted to go back into recovery so he was accepted into Beth Rapha. Upon hearing the news that Beth Rapha was closing down (which wouldn't have affected him) he decided to leave and relapsed again. It seems that he has chosen the life of the streets as there is less responsibility and more freedom to do what you want. Unfortunately New Hope won't be able to assist him into a rehabilitation again as we have a waiting list of people that need this opportunity.

  • Bill*: He was eventually placed at Inner Peace for 1 month after staying in Wynberg shelter for a week. He will be transferred to Loaves and Fishes at the end of this month to continue his recovery there.

  • Damien*: At the end of June uTurn asked us to walk a journey with one of their guys who couldnt join their program. We were able to sponsor his 3 months of shelter fees at Loaves and Fishes and put him through two Zanokhanyo Network course (Job Readiness and the Barista/Cafe course). He is currently completing those and will hopefully find work soon after graduating.