Updates: June

Wow, these months are rolling by quickly! Lots to update you on so let me get right to it. 


  • Homelessness Insights Evening: New Hope will be speaking at Common Grounds insights evening on homelessness on the 19th of June from 7pm. The tickets are free and can be downloaded here:  http://qkt.io/1lwjrs  


  • The Storm - Update from Oliver Slingers: With reports of a massive storm due to hit Cape Town, Christ Church Kenilworth mobilised a response unit to house, feed and provide clothes for the homeless and vulnerable  people in the community. New Hope was asked to assist and we were able to give our time over the course of the two days. Cars were sent out on Tuesday night. Everyone was welcome. Guests were initially hesitant. Some were even willing to to brave the rain so as to avoid having there things get taken. Even so we managed to get some 60 guests. Peanut butter sandwiches, soup, pasta, stew tea and coffee where consumed in abundance - Everyone had there fill. The volunteers worked in shifts, but most of our was time spent was getting to know our guests. We played pool, table tennis, chatted around a meal- the mood was very warm and relaxed. I think for the first time in a while, our guests were feeling relaxed too. It breaks my heart that the shelter will have to come to an end, but I do acknowledge that we were never going to solve the problem of homelessness overnight. Serving the homeless and vulnerable is definitely not a problem for tomorrow as for many of our guest's, tomorrow is a long way away. We as a community can step out and make a difference to someones life each day. The shelter may have come to an end, but we hope the bonds formed over this period will strengthen us and continue in building our relationship with the vulnerable..


  •  Rudolph*:  He is loving it at UCAN and is doing very well in their secondary program. We were able to gift him with a phone so that he can start looking for work and applying for positions. Nothing else to really report on other than that he is doing very well. 


  • Lyle: He is also still enjoying his time at Beth Rapha (secondary program) and has managed to find himself a part-time job as well as a full time job! He starts his full time job on Monday (12th June). Unfortunately he was in a fighting incident at Beth Rapha which has resulted in us having to book a few more appointments at FAMSA for anger management counselling and they have requested that he updates his medication to help cope with  his anger. But otherwise, he's doing great.


  • Michael: I have requested an update from Inner Peace but they havn't given me one yet. I will send out another message should there be any problems that Michael is facing. 


  •  Bill*: He is having an interview with Ramot today at 14h30 about his admission into rehab. We have placed him at Wynberg Shelter and are awaiting Ramot's decision. We will update you on his progress.  


  • SnapScan: We have an exciting new fundraising tool that we'll be implementing with 5 people at our Community Dinners project. See how it works below:
  1. New Hope selects candidates from St Peters Community Dinners.
  2. Their photo and ID number are recorded and the reason they want to leave the street - this is uploaded to our website. 
  3. A lanyard and 20 flyers are produced which have their unique SnapScan QR code.
  4. Their photo and ID number will be placed on the back of the lanyard and on the flyers to act as verification that they are the one's receiving the funds. 
  5. A person can use the lanyard and flyers to receive donations or to receive payment for services they deliver. EG: I can wash your car for a R100 donation to my snapscan. 
  6. New Hope monitors the amount of money received and informs the person on their progress. 
  7. When 3 months of shelter fees or 1 month of rehabilitation fees are raised New Hope will release the money to the respective organisation. 
  8. The person will receive free transport & a toiletries pack when they enter the rehabilitation or shelter. 
  9. Volunteers will follow up with the people that are placed.
  10. The persons details will be removed from the website once a successful placement has been made. 

That's it for now! We will keep everyone updated should anything else happen. Otherwise - see you in July!