Winter Readiness Program

As massive storms hit Cape Town please be aware of all the shelters that are participating in the Winter Readiness program. 

The City will support NGOs, NPOs and PBOs that provide shelter for homeless people by supplementing their available resources to enable more indigent people to benefit from their services.

The aim of the programme is to provide temporary mattress space during the winter period, between April and August 2017. The partner organisations will not be expected to create any permanent accommodation. If they meet the criteria indicated, the City will provide EPWP workers to assist with the cooking and cleaning, the making of food parcels, toiletries, mattresses and bedding.


Oasis "Reach for your Dreams" 

Ubuntu-Circle of Courage


The Tygerberg Association for Street People (TASP) & The Haven Night Shelter in Bellville

Elim Night Shelter