2017 - Year in Review

2017 Round Up

2017 has been a busy year for New Hope SA. It has been a year where we have tried new initiatives, witnessed significant breakthrough and all along, learned along the way. We are overjoyed by the progress of some of our beneficiaries and are freshly convinced that we are helping to create a community which seeks to uplift and love those

As an organisation, we have been blessed incredibly as we have seen our volunteer base grow and our networks and partnerships expand. Newfound networks and partnerships have opened doors to more opportunities for us to connect with those who live on the street which has allowed us to assist more people in their effort to move from the street to independence.

Throughout the course of the year, we have assisted over 25 people in various ways, ranging from shelter and rehabilitation placements to job readiness courses and medical care.

A look at some of the numbers:

Looking back on 2017, we look back with gratitude as we consider the lives which we have been able to engage with and come alongside in some way. Although not our only measure of impact, we celebrate the reality which the following numbers represent:

15 - rehabilitation placements during the year

10 - shelter placements during the year

4  -  beneficiaries who have benefitted from our Snapscan initiative

2  -  beneficiaries who have graduated from job readiness courses

2 -  training sessions we have been able to facilitate


One of our beneficiaries, David* remains one of the most incredible stories over the past year. Once a 15 year heroin addict, David has been clean for exactly one year as of 12 December 2017! One of David’s* goals is to gain independence by upskilling himself by completing a comprehensive welding course. We have been hoping to obtain funding in order to place place David* into a welding course during 2018, where he can gain the necessary skills to be able to find a full time job and sustainable income moving forward. Incredibly, during December 2017 we received confirmation that a Charitable Trust who would like to remain anonymous will support David in his welding course during 2018. We are incredibly proud of David and his efforts to move into independent living, free from substance addiction.

* not his real name. Kept anonymous to protect his identity and dignity.

Cape Town storm

In June 2017, Cape Town experienced one of the largest storms to hit the coast in the past few decades.  The unusually large south Atlantic storm struck Cape Town with wind speeds as high as 120 km/h in some areas. The reality that this storm affected those on the streets most significantly provided a way for us to engage with people around the homelessness crisis in our city. During a time where the storm caused serious damage, we found it to be a time where we could use our networks and resources to place people into shelters and raise funds as people became more willing to contribute to New Hope’s cause. The storm also offered us an opportunity to facilitate the training of people on how best to serve those living on the street, in times of crisis and beyond. The result of the devastating storm saw our volunteer base increase as more people became willing and able to engage with the issue of homelessness in our city.

Thank You!

We are incredibly grateful for both our donors who give generously every month and the volunteers who serve generously with their time and support. We are committed to using the resources you graciously give to assist people from a place of homelessness to independence.  We are excited for 2018 and all that it may bring as we strive toward helping those who we know and are yet to meet.. At New Hope, we believe that we have a fresh sense of purpose and direction and are excited to see what 2018 holds!