Updates: November


Hello everybody,

Thanks for sticking it out with us this year. We've had a whole lot of ups and downs but we're learning as we go and hopefully improving on our services to those living on the streets and in shelters.

We've helped 23 people this year in various capacities ranging from shelter placements to rehabilitation placements, job readiness courses to health care etc... A super special thanks to you for all the financial support that allows us to help those move from the street into independence.

New Hope SA is moving towards being registered and we're still on course for getting all our paperwork ready by the end of the year. We're also joining the Street Peoples Forum and have been attending those monthly meetings over the course of this year.

New Hope People: We are currently journeying with and supporting 11 people.


Lyle completed his 32 days in Toevlug Rehabilitation successfully and was awarded some accolades for his attitude and performance in recovery. I (Richard) was able to pick him up in Worcester and had a really great catch up with him on our drive back down to Cape Town. We had arranged his placement at The Carpenter Shop and successfully got him in there and settled. He was encourage to seek employment and after a few phone calls he had arranged some part time work with a caterer. He did about 5 days worth of work and was dropped off back at The Carpenter Shop is R1000 in his pocket. This unfortunately hit a trigger and he relapsed that night and several nights after that. As far as we're concerned we had placed all the right measures and support for Lyle to make correct decisions but he chose to relapse and forget his training and recovery. Both The Carpenter Shop, New Hope and his employer have decided to suspend our services to him as this is his 3rd strike. After going into 3 different rehabs this year (Beth Rapha, Inner Peace and Toevlug) there is nothing more we can provide and Lyle needs to take time to think about his decisions in life and work out a solution. We have a backlog of people wanting help and we have to move onto those people in order to give them a chance at recovery. It's very sad news and I really hope we can remain in community with Lyle while he goes through this. After 6 months we will re-address what capacity we have to serve Lyle again and move towards his recovery.


We received an email from his rehabilitation house, uCan, to say that Rudolph has been transferred back to Inner Peace. uCan were dropping off another client at Inner Peace (Rudolph had come along for the trip) when he refused to leave and said that he was on the brink of relapse and preferred to stay at Inner Peace. After much deliberation the decision was made that he was going to stay and enter back into primary rehabilitation. This is obviously a step backwards but we're hoping that it prevented relapse and therefore we can take two steps forward once he feels strong enough to move on. We have put his welding course funding on pause for now until we have clarity on his recovery.


No news from Mike. He has come a few times to Community Dinners but we havn't managed to talk much to him.


Michael is doing well despite being on the streets. We have agreed that if he can successfully attend a shelter for 3 months we will contribute R3700 for him to get a pair of dentures.


As far as we know, Greg, is still on the streets and hasn't managed to get back into a shelter. He is still attending Community Dinners.


We have successfully completed our support for Damien. We have sponsored 5 months of his shelter fees and paid for two courses (job readiness and hospitality course) through The Zanokhanyo Network. We wish him the best of luck for the future. Our doors are always open but we feel he is strong enough to support himself independently.


David unfortunately was dismissed from Inner Peace for gang behavior despite getting several chances to change his behavior and attitudes towards the staff and peers at Inner Peace. He has moved back onto the streets and has been coming to Community Dinners each week. This is David's 3rd strike after attending 3 different rehabilitation this year and being dismissed from all 3 due to gang and violent behavior. We have agreed that if he can get himself into a 1st phase shelter as well as an outpatient course at Living Grace we'll assist him in doing his learners license.


All is good with Jonathan. He is currently still in recovery at Inner Peace.


Likewise for Alfred. He is doing well at Inner Peace and is still in recovery there.


is still at Loaves and Fishes and as far as we know is doing well and is continuing on his recovery journey.


We have not seen or heard from Charles since we attempted to place him at Stikland.

New Clients:


He approached us at Community Dinners asking for a placement into rehabilitation. He has been regularly attending the dinners and due to the above clients situations we felt we can continue with Robert. He will be going to Stikland Hospital for detox on Tuesday morning and then will be placed at Inner Peace from Thursday or Friday.


Also a regular at Community Dinners - we found out that he is earning around R4000 a month working an informal job in town. We contacted The Carpenter Shop and he will be going for an interview next week. Hopefully he will be placed at The Carpenter Shop which will give him a solid foundation to move upwards in his journey to independence. That's it for now. There will be 1 more update in early December before we break for the Christmas period. Thank you

*Names changed for anonymity and dignity unless given permission to use their first name.