Updates: October

Hi everybody! Sorry for the delay in updates - it's been a hectic two months. 

Community Dinners: We had a good break in the beginning of September and have continued with some superb dinners over since then. A lot of the guests have made remarks about how each meal seems to be getting better from the last. Join us this Thursday at 6pm at St Peters, Mowbray!

Snapscan Initiative: Devlin Quinn and myself (Richard) journeyed with one of the benefactors, John, through the distribution of food vouchers instead of shelter placement. It was not the most ideal of situations as he failed several times to get into a shelter after numerous attempts and it was finally agreed upon that food vouchers were a fair compensation as he will be going back to Zimbabwe in December. We have still not been in touch with Danwill who has not returned to the Community Dinners for several weeks. We are having a board meeting this Thursday to discuss the future of the SnapScan Initiative and how we can improve our relationships with shelters.

New Hope People: We are currently journeying with and supporting 10 people. 

Lyle: Last time we posted about Lyle we had suspected that he relapsed. This was unfortunately the case - however, by God's grace he is back in recovery after spending some weeks on the street and realizing he needs help and cannot recover on his own. He got himself into District 6 night shelter and we applied for admission into Toevlug Rehabilitation Centre in Worcester. He was accepted and is currently in his 3rd week at the facility. He will be discharged on the 15th of October and he'll move into The Carpenter Shop.

Rudolph*: No new reports from him other than that he is doing well and will aim to do a welding course next year.

Mike*: Unfortunately he never arrived at Happy Valley Homes after we made the payment for his shelter fees there. We had an interview with him and he said that they made him wait 2 hours for his admission and so he got fed up and left.

Greg*: There are several people journeying with Greg* and he has unfortunately left Claremont shelter allegedly because of a altercation with the supervisor/manager about shelter fees - despite New Hope and others offering to pay for his shelter fees. 

Damien*: This is the last month we're supporting Damien* at Loaves and Fishes. We've been supporting him there for close on 6 months and according to uTurn he has struggled to show initiative moving forward. We hope that he will be able to either move back with family or find employment.

David*: Earlier this year David* was placed into Beth Rapha and then Inner Peace to which he was both dismissed on violent misconduct and not having a desire for rehabilitation. After several months he came back to us asking for help and due to his new motivation we were able to place him back into Inner Peace where he currently is staying and doing well. 

Jonathan*: He is doing well at Inner Peace and has successfully been there for over a month. We have yet to receive any updates from Inner Peace but will let you know when we do.

Alfred*: He was a friend of Jonathan* who contacted Inner Peace through Facebook and we were able to assist him get into Stikland then placed into Inner Peace.

Bill*: has been at Loaves and Fishes since July and came to visit us at Community Dinners last Thursday. We are covering his shelter fees until he can be placed on a SASSA grant.

Charles*: About 3 weeks ago Charles* came to us at Community Dinners asking to be placed in rehabilitation for his alcohol addiction. We bought him a train ticket to Stikland so that he could admit himself (Stikland require self admissions for alcohol) and they have given him a date of admission. I am unable to get hold of him since I spoke to him last week. I will give you an update when I get hold of him. Once he is finished his detox at Stikland we will assist him in getting to Inner Peace.

In other news:

Leila and myself were placed an 8 year old girl into our care for 5 days who has now been placed into a children's home. This was our first safety parent experience and it was a hugely rewarding yet difficult time. We really loved caring for this young girl who has had an incredibly tough life so far. It had many challenges which were a result of years of neglect, abuse and trauma but we hope that the love we could share with her has meaningful impact. Please get in touch if you'd like to find out the process of becoming a safety parent.

That's it for this month!

*not their real names. Hidden for their dignity and anonymity.