November Updates

November has been another busy month in the life of New Hope and our beneficiaries. We have taken on two new beneficiaries and continued journeying with some previous beneficiaries, and we can’t believe how the month has flown by and we are in December already. As we come to the end of 2018 we have begun to reflect on the year and what have been wins, challenges and area we need to grow in. We have been humbled as we remember that we don’t always have all the answers and we fall short on some of the decisions that we make. Yet we are set on learning from our shortcomings and giving our beneficiaries our best. We have been reminded that just as God has grace for our mistakes, we too are to show grace to others and have been truly challenge to show this same grace to our beneficiaries, as we walk this rocky and unpredictable journey with them.

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New Hope SA
October Updates

October has been a relatively quiet month in the life of New Hope with no major changes taking place. We are grateful for the quiet as we gear down to the end of the year and begin planning for next year. Our beneficiaries have been consistent in their pursuit of recovery and we are so grateful to God for His grace over their lives and their journeys over this last month.

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New Hope SA
September Updates

September has seen a lot of changes in the life of New Hope SA, some very exciting and others sad and difficult to process. As of the first of September we have had our first employee. We hired an Administrator, fully funded by Studio Bolland, to do most of the behind the scenes administration tasks in order to keep New Hope SA running smoothly. It has been a wonderful gift to the board members who were carrying a lot of the administrative tasks, and is now freeing them up to focus more on the relational side of supporting our beneficiaries. Some sad news has come with one our beneficiaries choosing to leave our programme and being suspended from our services. It is always tough to watch as people make decisions which result in them back in the same place as where they started, or so it seems. However we remain hopeful and prayerful that the part that we played in their journey ultimately results in an abundance of fruit, even if we never get to see it ourselves.

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August Updates

First up, we have an exciting new video launching in the next couple of weeks on 'How Shelters Work' which we'll be sharing soon. Watch this space. 

Prayers have been answered as we have managed to secure sufficient funds to see us through to the end of the year thanks to you, our supporters! One of our board members, Richard, posted his thoughts on the last couple of months: 

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July Updates

If you haven’t realized it by now, journeying with our friends who are struggling against substance abuse and working towards independence is a rollercoaster of emotions, with small steps of progress often being succeeded by significant setbacks in their journeys. We are grateful for the broad (and ever-expanding) network of partners who we work with; they serve not only as partners but also as a great encouragement.

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June Updates

The month of June was filled with feelings of optimism and excitement, as well as facing new
challenges with many of our beneficiaries. We’ve been tested as an organisation, and at the
same time we’ve made strides in building relationships with our partner organisations.
We’ve had the privilege of hosting a workshop on Shelters & Rehabs in partnership with the Observatory Civic Association. Some of our past beneficiaries spoke at the event providing valuable insight of day-to-day challenges that street people face. Our guests left the workshop equipped with new skills to help street people in different situations as well as seeing street people in a different light.

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Richard Bolland
May Updates

As we progressed through the month of May, so too did the journey continue alongside our beneficiaries. At times it can seem like taking 2 steps forward and one (or two!) steps back, yet providing a stable, consistent, and healthily boundaried relationship is what we hope is an anchor for them as they move towards recovery. It is also a journey of being humbled, taught and growing for the New Hope members as we learn what it is to be in community together. May has continued to see a large increase in the numbers attending Thursday evening community dinners and we have had to close the doors and turn people away on a number of evenings. We supplied each guest with a UTurn voucher, which was received with enthusiasm, and enables the holder to get food or clothes at the organisation.

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April Updates

We are overjoyed to share that Bill is now living independently! A few of us took a drive out out to his new place in Klapmuts to take him a few helpful items for his new home, including a bed, a mattress and a bed-side table. It was great to see both his new home and his excitement to be living independently. The New Hope team is incredibly proud of Bill - as he is the first person who has gone from the streets to full independence through our program. We will continue to hold a relationship with Bill and encourage him on his journey. You can read about his full journey here.

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March Updates

Every Thursday night, we meet and share a meal with the community of Mowbray at St. Peters Church. This year, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of attendees at the dinners. Whether this a result of increase social pressures on the vulnerable in the area, or a consequence of changes we’re making to the Dinners, is not yet clear. These changes include selecting an earlier opening time for the evening. This has been an effort to maximize the potential for relationships to be built between all those attending. So far, we’ve certainly seen the benefits of this time in bringing people closer together for longer. Meeting our secondary goal of satisfying the food needs of such a large group of guests has been a challenge. We continue to trust in God, who provides enough food, without fail, and enough hands to serve.

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February Updates

In our January updates we mentioned that we were making a change to our starting time of Community dinners- shifting it from 18:30 to 18:00  in an attempt to bridge the gap between those who waited outside and those who were volunteering inside.

This change of time has been a welcomed breath of fresh air, allowing time for card games and even colouring in. We are busy testing the waters and figuring out how best to meet as a team beforehand while dismantling the gap.

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2017 - Year in Review

2017 has been a busy year for New Hope SA. It has been a year where we have tried new initiatives, witnessed significant breakthrough and all along, learned along the way. We are overjoyed by the progress of some of our beneficiaries and are freshly convinced that we are helping to create a community which seeks to uplift and love those around us.

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Updates: November

Thanks for sticking it out with us this year. We've had a whole lot of ups and downs but we're learning as we go and hopefully improving on our services to those living on the streets and in shelters.

We've helped 23 people this year in various capacities ranging from shelter placements to rehabilitation placements, job readiness courses to health care etc... A super special thanks to you for all the financial support that allows us to help those move from the street into independence.

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Updates: October

Hi everybody! Sorry for the delay in updates - it's been a hectic two months. 

Community Dinners: We had a good break in the beginning of September and have continued with some superb dinners over since then. A lot of the guests have made remarks about how each meal seems to be getting better from the last. Join us this Thursday at 6pm at St Peters, Mowbray!

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Updates: August

Hello everyone! 

We have some really great exciting news to share as well as some sad news.

Community Dinners:

We're currently on a break for 2 weeks and will be meeting back on the 7th of September, 6pm at St Peters. 


The Snapscan initiative is going well. John has successfully raised funds for one month shelter fees and is scheduled to move into the Haven Shelter as soon as he’s available. Martin has found alternative accommodation and thus exited the snapscan programme - We were able to supply him with R590 worth of Broccoli Project Vouchers so he can buy food and blankets. 

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Updates: July

We launched our snapscan initiative with the 3 guys pictured above. This is very much a trial period for us to work out what is working and what isn't. 18 days ago we launched it and the guys have collectively raised R770 (Martin - R290; John - R280; Danwill - R200) We've also received some EFT's dedicated to the guys so we will add that to their totals. Our first big realization is that we need a lot more flyers. 50 flyers is simply not enough. Anybody have any printing contacts? Our hope of raising R1080 in 1 month is a bit off the mark so we need to assess how to improve this.

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Updates: June

With reports of a massive storm due to hit Cape Town, Christ Church Kenilworth mobilised a response unit to house, feed and provide clothes for the homeless and vulnerable  people in the community. New Hope was asked to assist and we were able to give our time over the course of the two days. Cars were sent out on Tuesday night. Everyone was welcome. Guests were initially hesitant. Some were even willing to to brave the rain so as to avoid having there things get taken. Even so we managed to get some 60 guests. Peanut butter sandwiches, soup, pasta, stew tea and coffee where consumed in abundance - Everyone had there fill. The volunteers worked in shifts, but most of our was time spent was getting to know our guests. We played pool, table tennis, chatted around a meal- the mood was very warm and relaxed. Read more...

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Winter Readiness Program

As massive storms hit Cape Town please be aware of all the shelters that are participating in the Winter Readiness program. 

The City will support NGOs, NPOs and PBOs that provide shelter for homeless people by supplementing their available resources to enable more indigent people to benefit from their services.

The aim of the programme is to provide temporary mattress space during the winter period, between April and August 2017. The City will provide EPWP workers to assist with the cooking and cleaning, the making of food parcels, toiletries, mattresses and bedding.

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