St Peter's Community Dinners

Mowbray, cape town.



Every Thursday night from 6pm - 8pm. 3 church street, mowbray.

St Peters Community Dinners started in 2011 with the vision to have table fellowship for the community of Mowbray and surrounds. It's a safe environment where people from all walks of life come and sit down in a safe space and enjoy the company of others over dinner.

The meal is prepared by the Anglican Church’s Fikelela Aids Project. 

Our Values:

 • Everyone is welcome • We eat a meal together • We pursue mutual transformation • We become neighbours and friends by hearing each other's stories. • We are a safe place • We encourage each other in following Jesus • We worship together • We work at equalising power

I don’t know of another community supper like this in Cape Town. We have between 20 and 30 volunteers who help out on everything from the preparation of food to washing up the dinnerware. The difference here, as opposed to a soup kitchen, is that people are sat down and served at the table.
— Dave Meldrum - Rector at St Peters

Be a guest

Simply be a guest and join us for some tea/coffee and a warm meal.

Table Hosting

Sit down at a table and host those that sit at it. Make everyone at your table feel welcome and accepted. Ask people about their day, tell them information about yourself, ask questions and be yourself.


Everyone starts the evening off with some tea and coffee - help pour the warm beverages into mugs and serve them to people sitting at the tables. When the food is ready then you can serve it to the tables. Once people are finished you can collect the mugs and plates and bring it to the kitchen to wash up.

Children's ministry

Help set up the children's room by getting jugs of water and glasses ready. Facilitate the meal and then enjoy playing with the kids after the meal. There are many activities from colouring in to playing soccer on the grass outside.


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